Wild Art YESE! アートレジデンス・ワイルド アート イェセ



運営者:職業ダンサー&パフォーマンスアーティスト/ダンス講師/アート教育従事者/  芸道を極める者

運営コンセプト: Japan needs us…全ての人に芸術と出会う機会を Kunst für Alle!



An Art house for Alternative Art in Tsu, Mie-ken, Japan with a special focus on dance and Performance Art.(yes…a dirty word, one we try and improve the use of…)

Situated in the countryside of Mie-ken, a prefecture with many sources of natural inspiration…A third of Mie consists of National parks.  Famous sites in Mie include the ISE grand Shrine (Ise-jingu) and the Kumano Kodo, an ancient pilgrimage walking path.


1)Converted a 40  year old house into an art house:

This nearly killed us. The site consists of two houses. We had to clear MAJOR termite damage in the oldest one..which wasn’t apparent when we first found the place. We had to strip walls and removing the entire floor. Next was dealing with the damp and reinforcing supports for the roof. Finally we could build  a new dance floor and adjoining ateliers/all-purpose rooms. We managed to do this through two cold winters and little money thanks to the support of professionals and volunteers.
Fun fact: Japanese homes depreciate in value over time…even with renovations…

2)Collaborations and support: We’ve been collaborating since the inception of YESE, with a young painter Shinpei Hamaguchi in a series of action painting dance performance  venues throughout Mie-ken. This culminated in a tour of Germany, where we did action painting/dance events. Following an intense 2 months, a new exhibition of Shinpei’s new work, inspired by Germany was exhibtied at YESE along with two local HAKUSAN artists in a show entitled “MORTAL KOMBAT, 3 Artists celebrate 3 years of YESE!”